Tye Gard 1L Solution

Tye Gard 1L Solution

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Tye Gard helps support healthy muscle function.

  • Tye Gard provides key antioxidant micronutrients , including Vitamin E and selenium, as well as Chelated Copper to mop up free radicals and reduce oxidative damage to muscle cells.
  • Also includes powerful plant-based antioxidants including Melon Pulp (a rich natural source of key antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) and Beetroot to support muscle cell membrane health
  • Provides bio-available calcium from Calcium Gluconate to support calcium transport across muscle cell membranes
  • Contains Glycine – a key amino acid for antioxidant production and muscle repair.
  • BETA NOPS and UFAS accredited ensuring our products are fully compliant with  the FEI guidelines for Clean Sport.

Product Description

Performance horses can all experience muscle discomfort - intense training programmes, travelling, competition and racing require extreme effort from the horse’s muscles. In addition, certain genetic conditions, dietary imbalances or management factors such as irregular exercise regimes can result in muscle disorders, sometimes unrelated to extreme exercise.

Targeted nutritional support can help support muscle health and recovery, including the provision of elevated levels of key antioxidants to support muscle cell membrane integrity, including not only Vitamin E, Selenium and Copper, but also plant based ingredients, with high potency antioxidant properties.

All ingredients are selected to ensure they are fully compliant with the FEI guidelines for Clean Sport. 

Ingredients and Nutrition

Formulated to provide key antioxidants to support muscle health.

The unique blend of ingredients includes:

Vitamin E and Selenium – two key antioxidant micronutrients, to mop up free radicals produced during exercise, to help reduce oxidative damage to muscle cells.

Melon Pulp Concentrate is naturally high in a key antioxidant enzyme, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Beetroot  also contains high levels of betalain pigments, high in antioxidant activity.

Bio-available Chelated Copper also plays a role in the production of key antioxidant enzymes, helping to support muscle health.

Calcium Gluconate  - recent research has confirmed the importance of calcium transport across muscle cell membranes for optimal muscle function.

Glycine – an important amino acid in the production of glutathione, a key antioxidant to help support muscles.

All ingredients are selected to ensure they are fully compliant with the Rules of Racing and the FEI guidelines for Clean Sport. 

Key Ingredients Per 30ml Serving

Vitamin E 1000mg Calcium Gluconate 900mg
Selenium 0.75mg Beetroot 200mg
Melon pulp (providing Superoxide dismutase (SOD))230mg Copper 50mg

Nutrition Data

Additives (per kg):

Nutritional additives: Trace minerals:  Copper (3b414 Copper (II) chelate of glycine hydrate) 1,700mg, Selenium (3b801 sodium selenite) 25mg.

Vitamins: Vitamin E (3a700) 33,333mg.

Sensory additives:  Glycine (2b17034) 33,333mg.

Composition: Melon Pulp, Beetroot Powder, Calcium Gluconate.


Crude Protein9.0% Crude Ash<1.0%
Crude Fat<1.0% Sodium<1.0%
Crude Fibre<1.0% Moisture71.5%

Directions For Use

Use Tye-Gard® daily for horses in high levels of training or competition to ensure optimum muscle health.

Feeding Direction: For a typical 500kg horse per day: 30ml. The day before and the morning of the event: 60ml. Thereafter: 30ml. Maximum: 60ml per day.

Available in 1 Ltr (33 days supply at maintenance) and also 5ltr.

Please note the new colour. Our UK NOPS approved manufacturers do not use any artificial colourings.

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle Hopkins

Game changer - has totally helped our older mare in her work, she is more comfortable, happier in herself and back to almost 100 work load. Was stopping constantly while ridden and her muscles were very tight and sore.

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