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    Horses and ponies go through a lot of stress and challenges in this modern age. This can stem from too much training, travel, and competition. Because of this, they have to cope with the unavoidable, which can include changes in companions and forage. A great amount of stress can be found from forgoing ad-lib forage in favour of meal feeding and limited grazing. 
    All of these troubles weigh in when it comes to your horse’s digestive system and complex microbiota. Microbiota is a population of beneficial and vital microorganisms that are located in the horse’s gut. They play a tremendous role when it comes to the health of your horse in terms of the synthesis and digestion of vitamins and minerals along with fibre digestion. The horse’s microbiota also plays a key role in immune health. When this is in check, you’ll see optimum behaviour, body conditions, and performance. 
    It’s our privilege to bring you Uls Gard solution,  specifically designed to help support the digestive health of your horse. We combine a tremendous amount of research with the right principles to maintain a horse’s health and keep its microbiota thriving. 
    The Uls Gard range is made up of key minerals found in marine algae. There are a lot of plant-based compounds, some of which include marshmallow, liquorice, aloe vera, lecithin, and pectins which are traditionally used to calm the stomach wall. Uls Gard solution also contains prebiotics from chicory to support a healthy microbiome and is palatable and easy to mix for even the fussiest of feeders.
    Turmeric Xtra Powder is a ready-to-use supplement that contains everything you need for your horse to enjoy the many benefits of turmeric and the active ingredient curcumin. The added black pepper is to aid absorption so no need for any extra mixing. Turmeric is know to be an effective remedy for most digestive conditions.