Calming & Behaviour Supplements

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    Horses are often prone to nervousness, stress, and excitability in unfamiliar surroundings or situations (such as new training or competition venues). This can cause horses to lose focus or concentration. Offering a horse nutritional support that focuses on its nervous system can assist the animal to remain calm while improving concentration. 
    Specific nutrients that include bio-available thiamine (vitamin B1) and magnesium can assist with maintaining correct neuromuscular and nerve function, supporting concentration and focus. Magnitude is a cost-effective, simple supplemental source of magnesium. Magnitude offers supplemental magnesium that is derived from magnesium oxide. It provides support to the nervous system in cases where the intake of magnesium from the horse’s diet might be marginal.
    Another product to consider, So-Kalm powder, paste, and solution provide the supplemental levels needed for vitamin B1 and magnesium. It also contains essential tryptophan which is an amino acid that supports focused and calm behaviour without interfering with the edge needed for optimal performance. So-Kalm Solution and paste contain vitamin B1, magnesium, and tryptophan, a key amino acid that supports a healthy nervous system. In addition, Super So-Kalm Powder and paste offer increased concentrations of these important nutrients when more support is needed. 
    Mares that are experiencing hormone imbalances often lead to moody, stroppy, or unwilling behaviour that can make the horse harder to handle, resulting in a decrease in performance. No More Moods is a plant-based product that includes Chasteberry (Agnus castus) along with other essential micronutrients focused on supporting the endocrine system. 
    No More Moods is one of the palatable liquid formulations that contains Chasteberry (Agnus castus extracts), which provides nutritional support to the hormone (endocrine) system, and vitamin B and magnesium for nervous system support.