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    Cortaflex® is an all-natural supplement that promotes better joint health in Horses. It delivers all the raw materials needed for healing and maintaining strong, supple joints. We offer a range of different Cortaflex® products suited specifically for horses. 
    The Cortaflex® supplements we stock for equine use are formulated for a range of different needs, easily matcheable to any horse’s needs. Cortaflex® has been a standby at thousands of stables for years now.
    Cortaflex® supplements are trusted by thousands of horse owners. Many horse breeds are prone to joint problems, especially as they age; Cortaflex® is the perfect supplement to retain their full range of motion and keep them comfortable. 
    Equine Cortaflex® is a terrific dietary supplement for any horse that needs a little help with joint health. Horses often have joint problems as they get older; a life full of hard work or intense competition can make these problems worse. Cortaflex® has established a sterling reputation with horse owners as an effective joint supplement made with top-quality ingredients.
    Cortaflex® offers the Super Fenn formulation (in powder or solution form) for horses that work particularly hard. Super Fenn includes amino acids, trace elements, MSM, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and Boswellia. These are all building blocks for healthier joints. Owners on a budget can get good results from Cortaflex® HA regular, a general-purpose joint supplement suitable for horses of all ages.
    As noted above, most Cortaflex® products now include MSM. This provides sulfur in a bio-available form. Cartilage relies on sulfur-containing bonds and getting more of it into the body speeds up the healing process.
    Joint care is important to all horse owners, especially those caring for competition and workhorses. Cortaflex® is an easy, reliable way to give horses the nutrients their joints need to stay healthy.