Vitamins & Minerals

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    Most horses get their nutrition from forage. However, a lot of pastures don’t provide all the minerals and trace elements that horses need. Worse yet, preserved forms of forage (like hay and haylage) lose vitamins and other micronutrients when they’re processed for preservation.
    To keep horses and ponies in the best possible health when they’re feeding on forage, owners need to give them a broad-spectrum supplement to enhance their vitamin and mineral intake. 
    Granted, the supplemental needs of specific horses vary based on their diet and activities. Horses that do a lot of work, for example, need extra B vitamins, especially when they can’t feed much from fresh pastures. Vitamin E and selenium are also great for working horses because they promote muscle health.
    For a top-quality B vitamin supplement, we recommend Pro-Pell Plus, a mix of B vitamins and other important micronutrients that promote general health and energy. Pro-Pell Plus is a great booster for horses that are fatigued after hard training, competition, or a period of illness.