Wellbeing Supplements

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    Every horse owner understands the importance of providing the best health supplements to keep their horses feeling their best at all times. Equine America’s well-being supplements are one of the best ways of providing the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep your horses and ponies feeling healthy and happy. Our well-being supplements are designed to be used all year round and are particularly useful for horses and ponies that have limited access to pasture. These products are also great when your horse or pony requires a little extra support at any time.
    Cushins Pellets include key ingredients and nutrients to support the endocrine or hormone system of your animal. It also helps provide vital nutrients to help maintain healthy hooves as well as a probiotic to support gut health.
    Turmeric Xtra is an easy way to help support general health and mobility in all horses and ponies. This ready-to-use supplement contains everything you need for your horse to enjoy the many benefits of turmeric and the active ingredient curcumin. The added black pepper is to aid absorption so there is no need for any extra mixing.
    Biotin Xtra is a palatable and cost-effective formulation that provides nutritional support for strong, stable hooves. 20mg biotin per serve helps to improve and maintain hoof horn quality.