Equine Cortaflex Regular 1L or 5L Solution

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1L – 1 MONTHS SUPPLY ( $2.66 per day at maintenance level )

5L – 5 MONTHS SUPPLY ( $2.06 per day at maintenance level )

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Key Features
Comprehensive support – ideal for any horse
Cortaflex is the world’s no.1 joint care range
Taste neutral – perfect for fussy horses

Key Ingredients Per 30ml Serving
MSM 2,500mg
Collagen 450mg
Manganese 50mg
Hyaluronic Acid 30mg
Copper 25mg
Silicon 10mg
Vitamin B6 5.6mg

What is Cortaflex® HA Regular Solution?
Legendary. Cortaflex® HA Regular Solution provides complete joint support from multiple angles. More than 2 million units sold – Cortaflex is a name you can trust.
At it’s core, the combination of MSM, type 2 collagen and manganese combine to reinforce joint cartilage through a three-pronged approach. Type 2 collagen provides the structural framework for cartilage development. Manganese is a co-factor for glucosamine production, a structural subunit, that, with the help of MSM’s sulphur, combine to form glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which bind to the collagen matrix to form strong but functional cartilage.
Hyaluronic acid is another GAG which specifically aids synovial fluid viscosity, supports articular cartilage elasticity and assists lubrication between articular cartilage surfaces.
Antioxidants are important where mobility is concerned. MSM contributes to glutathione production, a master antioxidant very well suited to inhibiting free radicals. The trace metal copper acts as a co-factor for many antioxidant enzymes that the body creates.
Inflammation is often a leading cause of poor joint health. Research suggests low vitamin B6 can exacerbate the issue, hence the addition of this essential vitamin.
Silicon is an important mineral, key to supporting mineral absorption and beneficial for bone and connective tissue health.
For horses in regular competition work or in need of the greatest support, we recommend using Cortaflex HA Super Fenn.
Benefits of Cortaflex® HA Regular Solution?
Cartilage reinforcement (collagen, MSM and manganese)
Antioxidant defence (MSM and copper)
Synovial fluid support (hyaluronic acid)
Bone and connective tissue (MSM, manganese and silicon)

Who is Cortaflex® HA Regular Solution for?
Cortaflex® HA Regular Solution is a complementary feed for horses to support and help maintain healthy joints as part of a balanced diet.

3 reviews for Equine Cortaflex Regular 1L or 5L Solution

  1. Chloe Hansen

    By feeding Cortaflex HA Powder, I know I am doing the best for my horses’ joints on a daily basis!

  2. Margs Robinson

    I used the Equine Cortaflex Solution on both of my horses, my cranky pants mare was much improved in her attitude and suppleness in her work.
    The young horse also responded well to it, both horses ate it in their feed and the mare is really fussy, it is important to me to be able to add it to feeds.
    I am planning to buy some more when I can afford it and I would highly recommend it.

  3. Lucy Fell

    I have trusted and used Cortaflex products for over 10 years now. I’m very excited by the new arrival Profen as this has replaced an old favourite of mine BLS. My horses joints are supported by HA and the So Kalm is a vital product in the competition kit.

  4. Ellen Whitaker

    Since I started using Cortaflex three years ago on my international horses their results have significantly improved! I swear by Cortaflex and now use it on the whole yard.”

  5. Willie Mullins

    “I have found Cortaflex to be a great aid for joints, many of my horses are on it including Hedgehunter.”

  6. Zara Phillips

    “I use Cortaflex because I believe it is the best joint supplement on the market.”

  7. Courtney

    Cortaflex HA solution is one of my favourite products because I know I am feeding my horses the best to cover their joint care. The horses all love this supplement and the results show! My horses wouldn’t go without it.

  8. Chrissy Taylor

    I love this product and feed it to all our competition horses. I love knowing that we are supporting them to their peak performance.

  9. Leesha Conway

    I have been giving equine Cortaflex Solution to my filly since June last year. She had a freak paddock accident and fractured her hip joint. Cortaflex Solution is a integral part of her treatment plan. Its helping support her joints internally while her muscle release therapist works on things externally.

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