Sarah Nelson

Sarah and Ella NelsonSarah attends college in Taupo and represents Oruanui Pony Club, Taupo and Districts and Bay of Plenty in different disciplines.

Sarah has a team of horses that do showjumping, eventing, hunting and pony club.

The 15 horses and ponies start from three year olds upwards to the competition mounts, there is something in the Equine America range that suits all horses! All our horses are on Cortaflex SuperFenn powder every day to keep their joints sound. We also love Like Ice and Green Ice to cool their legs after exercise, All the horses get Magnitude and Biotin Xtra daily in their feeds.  The hunters get Ventilator to keep their respiratory systems clear, and BLS Original after a hard day hunting.  Our parents take the Cortaflex Aqualox - the human Cortaflex tablets to stop them getting stiff after hunting too!

The horses look good and feel great on Equine America products.