Emma Pledger

Emma PledgerI am a dressage rider based in Wanaka currently competing Whispers Matapiro at Advanced Level. I also have a 3 yr old Fidelio SW (Fugato/Lessing) & a foal Ivy League DW (Ibiza/Doringcourt).

We travel long distances regularly to get to competitions & I need to know that I have the horses prepared for this as well as I can.

This is why I have tried & tested products from the Equine America range and I know they work. My go to’s for travelling and competing are Cortaflex HA, BLS Super Strength and Like Ice Poultice to look after hard-working joints, ligaments & tendons.

I use So Kalm Liquid & Pastes to help keep them settled. And Uls-gard Solution ensures that my horses eat up while they are away & that tells me their stomachs are settled & they are happy. Very important when I need them to perform at their best.

I am a huge fan of the KM Elite Pro-Mesh Hybrid Boots – these boots keep legs nice & cool when working, reducing heat to the tendons. After exercise I like to wash them down with Lavender No Rinse Wash. And I never leave home without a bag of Orchard Treats!

I cannot recommend these products highly enough; the results speak for themselves.