Courtney, Sophie & Jessica Townsend

Courtney, Sophie, and Jessica Townsend are three sisters with a team of horses competing across New Zealand in Show Jumping & Show Hunter. The trio are based in Darfield, Canterbury.

Courtney will compete her mare Corofina ECPH aka Ellie. Her and Ellie have had a lot of success in the Horse Mini Prix and Pro – Am Series.

Sophie is looking forward to getting to know her new ride Haupouri Heidi NZPH aka Heidi. Heidi is a green rising 6yr mare.

Jessica is looking forward to getting to know her new ride Kingslea Kiwi aka Marlo who she is taking over from Sophie.

We are very thankful for our ongoing sponsorship from Equine America our horses absolutely love all of Equine America’s products! Our top three favourite Equine America products include

  1. Cortaflex HA Super Fenn combined with BLS Super Strength, they are perfect for maintaining optimal health of the joints during competition periods, especially when the ground starts to harden up.
  2. Like Ice Clay we love using the Like Ice Clay after jumping because it is perfect as cooling down the horses’ legs. Bonus it is super easy to apply and wash off.

We use Applelytes during the summer months to ensure our horses are being topped up with all the essential nutrients that are lost during heavy exercise or sweating primarily lost electrolytes. Added bonus is that they smell very yummy!