Bella Small

Bella SmallMy name is Bella Small I am a 19-year-old dressage rider currently competing at Advanced Level and stepping up to Prix St Georges with my Hanoverian gelding Lord Louis. My goals for this season are to have a successful start at Prix St Georges with consistent scores and to qualify for HOY 2023 and compete in the CDI-YR section.

From the Equine America Range I currently use: Cortaflex SuperFenn, Ventilator Powder, BLS Super Strength and Applelytes. I have seen a huge difference in performance in all my horses; Prince (my other horse) suffers from equine inflamed airways disease and by consistently using Ventilator powder he now has normal lung movement and no longer requires a nebulizer. Louie is a 14-year-old highly competitive sport horse and has been for many years, since using Cortaflex SuperFenn and BLS Super Strength I have noticed how eager and willing he is during our training and how well his joints are coping with the workload has been noted by professional veterinarians.