Tips For Increasing Your Horse's Muscle Mass

Tips For Increasing Your Horse's Muscle Mass

Are you wondering how to increase your horse's muscle mass? Are there certain methods that are better than other methods? Increasing your horse’s muscle mass may seem like a tough job, but it is much more achievable than it appears to me!

In this article, we will discuss a few methods you can try to improve your horse's overall muscle mass. Keep reading below to get an idea of which methods you should try first!

Exercises For Horses

One of the best ways for a horse to build muscle mass is through exercise. There are many exercises a horse can do. The best ones include:

  1. Walking Uphill And Downhill: Horses can gain muscle fast by frequently walking uphill and downhill. Walking on level ground is alright, too. However, uphill and downhill treks are far better. 
  2. Small Jumps: Small jumps work various muscles, especially leg muscles. Have a horse perform jumps for prolonged periods of time throughout the week. Eventually, they'll gain muscle as a result. 
  3. Lunging: Lunging work are ideal for building muscle. However, lunging shouldn't be done for long periods. Instead, have the horse perform them every now and then. 

A helpful tip for all of these exercises is to start your horse’s training sessions with warm-up exercises. They should also finish their routines with a cooldown session. Additionally, make sure your horse gets plenty of sleep, as sleep regulates hormones and is a major factor in improving muscle growth. 

Nutrition & Diet

Horses need to follow a healthy diet in order to gain muscle mass. Without a doubt, protein plays a critical role in building muscle. How much protein your horse should get depends on several factors such as body weight, breed, daily activities, and more. Remember, protein repairs muscles, which means horses need an adequate amount of it to build muscle mass.

Amino acids are also important. Horses can get amino acids from specific foods as well as supplements. Amino acids help muscles recover and can improve the overall athletic performance of horses.

Increasing Your Horse's Muscle Mass.

Supplements For Horses

Another way to help your horse build muscle mass is by giving it quality supplements. There's an array of supplements on the market that can be given to horses. The best types of supplements include:

1). Musclecare Supplements

Muscle-building pellets, apple granules, and strength powders are a few examples of muscle care supplements. These three supplements can quickly help your horse pack on muscle quickly. How often these supplements should be taken will depend on factors such as the horse's weight and what kind of activities they do on a regular basis. It’s best to read the provided instructions that come with the supplements that you purchase.

2). Joint Supplements

Horses must have strong healthy joints. If the joints are weak, then they will not be able to effectively pack on muscle mass. The best joint support supplements contain high-quality ingredients. Some of the best types of joint supplements include Cartaflex and glucosamine, which are both available through our store here at Equine America NZ.  

3). Vitamins & Minerals

There's an array of vitamins and mineral supplements that horses can take. Some vitamins and minerals have been shown to increase muscle mass over a period of time. Remember, it's important to use only quality supplements. Equine America has a great selection of supplements. As a leader in the industry, our customers have peace of mind knowing our supplements are effective and they are of high quality. 

Final Thoughts

As we can see above, there are different ways to increase the muscle mass of your horse. If you want to give your horse the best supplements to support muscle mass and overall health, look no further than us here at Equine America NZ. We're confident you'll love our selection of supplements.

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