Equine Competition Supplements: When And Why Are They Needed?

Equine Competition Supplements: When And Why Are They Needed?

Are you a member of the equestrian community and eager to see your horse win competitions? If so, the nutritional needs of your horse are super important. Athletes that participate in all kinds of sports around the world need special diets to boost their strength and resilience, so it makes sense that horses do too.

Horses that engage in competitions need to pay extra attention to their dietary requirements to ensure they do not miss out on any nutrients in their diet so they can achieve maximum performance. That is where equine competition supplements come into the picture. For that, look no further than Equine America NZ.

Here is a quick guide on when your horse needs equine competition supplements and why they would be beneficial at these times. Keep reading our article to learn more!

When And Why Are Competition Supplements Needed?

Competition supplements can provide your house with a variety of benefits. There are various situations in which your horse can benefit from competition supplements. These situations include the following:

1. Training

Horses need supplements when they are training for a competition. During these periods, exercises are usually more intense and can be quite strenuous, leading to the depletion of minerals and vitamins in the body. To make matters worse, mere forages or a natural diet cannot replace depleted nutrients at the rate they are exhausted. These may need to be supplemented for the horse to remain fit and healthy.  

2. To Boost Performance in Competition

When preparing for a competition, a horse will require starch which is rich in energy, amino acids for muscle development, and electrolytes to ensure the horse remains hydrated and in top shape during competitions.

As they compete, though, horses may encounter inflammatory responses and strains in joints and muscles. Because of this, your horse may require supplements for comfort and improved performance, especially if the competition is rigorous in which participation in various field events is required. 

Equine Competition Supplements

3. Nutritional Support for Travelling Horses

Horse competitions often involve travelling either locally or internationally. However, travelling can impact the respiratory and digestive health of your horse. In this case, nutritional supplements help support the general health of your horse. This will ensure that the horse is not affected by its new environment and can maintain optimum performance. 

4). Recovery After a Competition

After a competition, your horse is bound to be exhausted. They may require a well-thought-out recovery plan to ensure that they remain healthy and to enhance their recovery. This may require the application of soothing gels which relax the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This will allow your horse to remain relaxed and ensure they are energised for future competitions. 

5). Treatment for An Ailing Horse

Nobody likes to see their horse unwell, not because they cannot compete but because we care for their well-being. Disease and illness can take their toll on a horse and continued downtime for a horse creates a ripple effect in its recovery journey.

In some instances, some diseases may mean the end of a horse’s competitive career. Therefore, to hasten the process of healing, it is prudent to supplement your horse’s diet to boost immunity. 

Equine America NZ: Why Choose Our Equine Competition Supplements?

There are numerous equine supplements in the market, and it's quite easy to end up with the wrong type for your horse. Equine America NZ has a wide range of authentic tried-and-tested products to support your horse in various stages of competition be it training, travelling, competing and recovery after a competition. We are a respected brand worldwide and are known for quality equine competition supplements.

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