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The horse’s respiratory system is challenged on a daily basis, both with athletic effort, in training and competition, and through environmental challenges such as dust and spores from hay and bedding.
Ventilator is a natural supplement specially formulated using a unique combination of herbs and natural ingredients, known to support all aspects of respiratory health and performance, including:
Eucalyptus oil – known for its ability to help clear excess mucus from the respiratory tract.
Nettle – known for its ability to support a healthy blood supply to the lungs, and a source of Vitamin C
Astragalus Membranaceous – known for its ability to support immune function, especially seasonal allergies
Elecampane root – common name is horse-heal! Is known for its ability to support effective and efficient respiratory function.
Ventilator also supplies garlic, kelp, and fenugreek, as well as Echinacea and MSM to provide support for respiratory health, and immune function.
Ventilator should be added to daily feed, and can be used when horses are stabled, or out at pasture.

Available 500gm (one month’s supply)

8 reviews for Ventilator 500gm Powder

  1. Scott

    Amazing product – so pleased I found you online

  2. Kate Hyde

    I’ve found this product particularly helpful in the dry, dusty summer environment as well as when stabling through the winter, so I always make sure there is always a tub in the feed room. Highly recommend!

  3. Trish Overington

    I used this product when my horse starting coughing last summer. It was amazing. The cough went and she was able to continue competing. I would like to try Cortaflex as have heard great feedback about it.

  4. Tina (verified owner)

    This is our go to if anything has a wee cough or runny nose – it clears the airways. We had a horse with a persistent dry cough that we couldn’t shift (both natural and prescription methods), Ventilator worked-so another staple product in our kit. Every Cortaflex product we have tried has delivered and done what it says it does and cost effective.

  5. Georgia

    This product is AMAZING! wish i had of found it years ago, my horse had a tie back operation as a three year old and this supplement has made all the difference!! id be lost without it!!!

  6. Ros Rowe

    Benny is one of the Leg-Up Trust’s favourite therapy horses. He arrived as a traumatised foal from the 2006 Kaimanawa muster and took a long time to adjust to captivity, but he has become a real star as a demo horse for the at-risk young people who come to leg-Up. Over the past couple of years he has developed breathing problems that a year ago became so severe despite treatment that we feared he would have to be put down. He rallied with the help of an equine nebuliser using ‘human’ asthma medication, but he needed something more user-friendly for both him and his handlers. That’s when we discovered Ventilator. It has changed his (and our) life. It is now rare fro him to need the nebuliser and a daily dose of Ventilator in his feed keeps him stabilised. We heartily endorse this product, based on our experience with Benny.

  7. Gill

    Really like this. My horse suffers from environmental allergies and I believe this product has helped support his breathing. He also doesn’t mind the taste.

  8. Phoebe Simpson (verified owner)

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    Absolutely love this product! I have a horse who has grass 4 roaring. The ventilator in his feed daily, gives him the little bit extra to help keep his air ways clean and helps him recover faster due to his already limited breathing.

  9. Phoebe (verified owner)

    I have a gelding who has grade 4 roaring. Since having the ventilator in his feed daily, I have noticed his breathing sounds clearer and he recovers much quicker. He is already compromised when it comes to his breathing, so the ventilator helps keep his airways nice and clear. Highly recommend

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