More Muscle Pellets 3kg

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Horses need muscle to support and move the skeleton and protect joints, tendons and ligaments. In addition, working horses will use these muscles to support the rider and perform the athletic tasks required.

Muscles are predominantly made from the building blocks of protein called amino acids. There are some amino acids that the horse can produce for himself and others, called essential amino acids, which he must receive from his diet. There are 9 essential amino acids, and research has indicated that there are at least two which are particularly important for muscle development – Lysine and Leucine.

But in order to build muscle, it is not just a question of feeding more non-specific dietary protein:

  • The first requirement to build more muscle is correctly performed exercise and training – horses out of work or on box rest cannot develop muscle -they may gain condition if they receive extra energy and protein – but will not build muscle unless they are exercising and working those muscles.
  • The second requirement for muscles to develop during work is the presence of adequate supplies of protein, and in particular, certain key building blocks or amino acids, and research has indicated that two of the most important, or limiting amino acids are Lysine and Leucine.
  • The third requirement is that in order to complete the necessary exercise and training, the horse must be receiving enough energy in his diet to undertake this work.

Rather than relying on a single protein source, More Muscle contains a blend of high-quality protein sources to provide supplemental levels of the key amino acids including Lysine and Leucine, from whey protein, Spirulina, linseed and soya.

In addition, to support energy requirements, More Muscle contains rice bran, which is high in oil to provide additional non-starch calories.

During the work necessary to promote their development, muscles produce free radicals, which can result in oxidative damage, and so More Muscle also provides key antioxidant micronutrients Vitamin E and Selenium, as well as plant based antioxidants including grape extract and rosemary.

A healthy gut microbiome is essential for correct digestion and feed utilization, to ensure energy levels can support the necessary work to build muscle. More Muscle contains high levels of probiotic yeast to support gut function.

There may be many reasons why horses need support to develop muscle. Ensure you have ruled out clinical conditions including pain by speaking with your vet, equine physio and other therapists, and your saddler. Once any underlying conditions have been addressed or ruled out, More Muscle Pellets are widely recommended by professionals to help provide extra support for muscle development, as part of the feeding and training regime.

Research has shown that muscles take up amino acids for repair and  muscle development after exercise, so where possible, More Muscle Pellets should be offered in the first suitable feed after exercise for optimum effect.

What are the benefits of More Muscle Pellets?

Whey Protein Isolate, Spirulina, Linsed and Soya  provide a range of important essential amino acids including Lysine and Leucine, rather than using a single source to promote muscle development.

Antioxidants including 1000mg Vitamin E and 0.25mg Selenium, as well as plant based antioxidants from Grape Extract and Rosemary  help support muscle health in working horses.

Stabilized Rice Bran provides very low starch energy from its high oil content, to support energy requirements and promote condition.

Probiotics help support a healthy gut microbiome to optimize digestion and feed utilization.


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