Bleader Gard Super Strength Powder 1kg

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Bleader Gard Super Strength Powder is a powerful blend of antioxidant vitamins and plant-based compounds (phytochemicals) to provide nutritional support for lungs and blood vessels.
Key Features:
Potent combination of antioxidants, bioflavonoids and nitric oxide (NO) pre-cursors to support respiratory health
Also contains magnesium and Vitamin B1 to help support the nervous system during times of stress such as during fast work and on race or competition days
For optimum results, feed Bleader Gard Super Strength Powder with EA Supreme Omega Oil (coming soon) supplying key omega 3 fatty acids to provide nutritional support for capillary strength.

More Detail:
Bleader Gard Super Strength Powder and new EA Supreme Omega Oil have been formulated to provide nutritional support for capillaries and the vascular system including:
Folic Acid and L-Arginine which play important roles in nitric oxide generation, which is critical for keeping the blood vessels open (vasodilation) to help reduce pressure:
Beetroot, Blueberry, Rosehips and Grapeseed extract to provide important bioflavonoids as well as vital antioxidants to help support vascular health.
Vitamin C – shown to play a vital role in the nutritional support of lung health.
Vitamin E and Beta Carotene which are key antioxidants.
Magnesium and Vitamin B1 which play important roles in the nutritional support of the nervous system.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids which have been shown to be important in maintaining the flexibility of red blood cell walls, to allow easier passage through small blood vessels when blood pressure increases, and also to help support capillary wall strength.

Available 1kg tub – 25 days supply


  1. Georgia Rendall (store manager)

    I have always used Cortaflex for all my vitamins since my first pony! Recently I had bought a 17.2hh Warmblood named Tank and he did not feel himself half way through a round so I retired him. Little did we know his lung had just blown and he was on his way to bleeding to death. We were right in the middle of all the rings at the Christmas Classic 2019 in December. We had to walk him away from the centre of the rings in case he dropped dead which apparently is very common. I had to take my jacket off and soak up the blood and holy was there a lot! The blood and holy was there a lot! Half way back to the truck he didn’t want to walk anymore, but we eventually got him back to the truck. Long story short we had to call the vet and he had a herpes virus which had thinned the capillary lining walls. We were unaware of this as he had been very tired and low on energy but he was known for being lazy. The vet told me I was very unlucky for this to have happened, but due to him jumping, having a slight heart murmur and the virus on top of him being run down caused the bleed. I was told he would most likely drop dead over night due to the amount of blood he had lost. We stayed an extra night so he could rest up before trucking him home and went to our local horse shop and ordered your product, Bleader Guard. He was fed right away and I was told I would not even be able to walk him for 6 months riding wise. I am here at 4 months and my vet could not believe the results after his scope from the vet in Taupo, his scar tissue had healed and he was ready to come back into work. I currently still have him on this product and he is in rehab, had to be walked for a week, trotted for two weeks and then back to full work after, to not over work his lungs but gently expand them again. I can’t thank the Equine America team enough for this product and how much it has benefited my horse. I will be back out there this season qualifying for HOY in SJ&SH with my two boys only thanks to you guys.

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