Biotin Xtra Powder 2.5kg

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Biotin Xtra Powder is a palatable, cost-effective supplement to support hoof health.

Biotin Xtra Powder provides a full 20mg biotin per 50g daily dose, as well as zinc and the sulphur containing amino acid methionine to help promote strong, healthy hooves.
Biotin Xtra Powder also contains MSM, an additional source of bio-available sulphur to help promote hoof wall strength and integrity.
Calcium is also an important nutrient for hoof health and growth, and is provided from two sources in Biotin Xtra Powder – naturally present in alfalfa, and also from calcium carbonate.
Brewers yeast is also included, to provide a natural source of B vitamins, which play many important roles in hoof, skin and coat health.

Available in a 2.5kg – 50 days supply

4 reviews for Biotin Xtra Powder 2.5kg

  1. Skye du Plessis

    I used “Biotin Xtra” powder for my TB who developed a crack on his hoof that just kept splitting, it stopped the split from getting any higher than one point. Even after I have run out, the crack still isn’t getting any bigger – it’s almost a month after finishing the bag!

  2. Chloe Hansen

    My farrier is really impressed with my TB x mare who has very flat and brittle feet which don’t tend to grow much hoof. I hadn’t mentioned to my farrier that I had changed her hoof products. Then one day he said her feet are holding up far better than they used to. This was only after 3 weeks on Biotin xtra 🙂

  3. Isabel mocko

    My mare had really bad feet. Tons of cracking and chipping. I tried so many products that are supposed to help with that and nothing worked. I was about to give up when I stumble upon this website and saw that they had a hoof supplement. I tried it out and it actually worked, I was in utter shock. This product is affordable and actually works!

  4. Sharon

    I’m on my third bag of this, and can definitely see better hoof growing out. I love that it has complementary extras in it, and apparently is completely palatable (according to Mr FussyPants).

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