Wiremu Priest

Wiremu PriestHi, my name is Wiremu Priest. I am 15 years old and live in rural Rotorua and I am doing school by correspondence.

After winning category A show hunter pony of the year in 2020 I went on to do showjumping and eventing. For the 20/21 season I was followed round the horse trials by the young rider series, a t.v. show airing on ‘NZ on demand’, (season 3) which was a huge amount of fun.

Last season I succeeded in my goal to compete in pony mini prix, managing wins and placings. I then exceeded this goal by having some pony grand prix starts before the end of the season.

This season after sadly outgrowing all my ponies, I have a pretty super thoroughbred gelding with an incredible jump that I am aiming for the junior rider series on along with other youngsters that I am educating and will take out and about this season.

I use both Cortaflex HA and Superfenn to keep all my horses and ponies' joints in tip top condition.

Like Ice is perfect to put on tired legs after jumping and hoses off so easily.

Super So Kalm keeps my horses steady and keeps their heads in the game.

Ventilator keeps airways clean especially when jumping on a hot dusty day.

Applelytes is the best electrolyte I have used, even the fussy eaters eat it.

And Uls Gard Solution has been incredible at helping maintain the gut health and therefore the weight of my thoroughbreds. No ulcers even after lots of travel and competition.

All Equine America products are proven to work, and you are given added confidence in knowing they are all tested to be competition safe.