Liam Rutland

Liam RutlandI am a 16yr old Show Jumper from the Waikato.

I have a team of 4 horses and compete up to Horse Grand Prix with success in Young Rider and HGP last season.

I enjoy producing the young horses, giving them the time and tools to step up the levels confidently. I also enjoy the challenge of the more technical courses at the higher heights.

This season our aim is to consolidate our jumping at the higher heights with consistent results, while ensuring the team are all still enjoying their job.  My long-term goals are to complete another one or two season in NZ before heading overseas to learn and eventually be jumping with the best in the world.

I am very proud to be part of the Equine America Team and have used their products for many years with great success.  My team thrive on their supplements with our stable favourites being the “Cortaflex HA powder” and “Ventilator” added to their daily feeds and “Like Ice” applied to their legs after a hard training session.

All Equine America products are 100% competition safe and legal and allow your horses to perform to their best under the demands of competing.